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2503 matches reported
9/19 Felipe Parra 3-1
  Frank Pfenning  
9/12 Amitesh Kumar 3-2
  Jeff Coran  
9/12 Jeff Coran 3-1
  Amitesh Kumar  
1.Pedro Ferreira
2.Amitesh Kumar
3.Jeff Coran
4.Vignesh Sundar
5.Felipe Parra
6.Frank Pfenning
7.Rick Carley
8.Vivek Seshadri
9.Andrew Sedgewick
10.Rawad Saleh
11.Tuomas Sandholm
12.Gerdus Benade
13.Matt Mason
14.George Lederman
15.Siddhartha Srinivasa
16.Ray Li
17.Jake Rabner
18.jonathan berman
19.Arvind Murali Mohan
20.Connor Uretsky
21.Yuvraj Agarwal
22.Edward Cao
23.Varun Burla
24.Yousef Gohary
25.Anish Phophaliya
26.Alvaro Collet
27.Paul Scerri
28.Charlie Swanson
29.Rahul Pattamatta
30.Melody (Amy) Gillezeau
01/19 Frank Pfenning Today (Jan 19, 2014) is the 10th anniversary of the first ladder match between Matt Mason and Manuela Veloso. 2403 matches have been recorded, 335 players have registered on the ladder, 118 players have played at least one official match, and 3 players have more than 300 matches. 14 different players have held the #1 position. Thanks to authors Matthew Easterday and Mathilde Pignol and additional designers Kelley Hughes, Htet Htet Aung, and Kevin Fox for this great community service!
12/16 Frank Pfenning Points-A-Rally (PAR) 11 Scoring System
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